Thursday, November 10, 2005

deadmoon: people long for the past when they dont relish the future. the hard part to keeping a love is opening your hand and letting it fly away, knowing it doesn't have to return. ever.
deadmoon: do you wait ?
deadmoon: no, you move on. and see what's over the next hill.

lotus: yep. it does make me sad that he still waits for me. or at least he was waiting a few months ago.

lotus: and it even makes me a little sad that i don't want him anymore. because if i did, things might've worked out. but alas.

deadmoon: not an issue.

lotus: it's just hard because i was closer than i ever have been with anyone. he knew every little thing about me. and i him. very very close. it was fantastic. and i think i miss that.

lotus: but just that aspect. not him per se. just being that close to someone.

deadmoon: yeah... * sigh*

deadmoon: I would like to think that you'd find that again. I know I would expect to.

lotus: anyway, he was a great first love. we were both lucky in that relationship. and have both gained more than we've lost from it. well, at least i have ;-) he did lose ME after all!

lotus: yeah, i hope to. Posted by Picasa